Based in Norwich and East Anglia, Headless provides and creates cabaret and theatre shows for all sorts of events from festivals, theatres and art centres, birthday and wedding parts to corporate events, the leisure industry and community projects across the UK.

We are committed to ensuring a tailored approach to ensure your event or production is a success.

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Theatre shows

Think of entering an underground world of new-found satire cabaret and a new social movement. Think of a young Marlene Dietrich performing her first few gigs in a basement bar.

If you’re after a nostalgic evening of decadence where you can witness the fearless souls of a European cabaret troupe, THE COVERT CLUB will present something memorable.

The show received great reviews over 2011 and is now available for bookings whether as sizable acts within existing shows or as a whole evening’s worth of entertainment.
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The soothing sounds of the 1920s and 1930s are brought to life in his homage to the likes of Noel Coward and Cole Porter. Ideal for cocktail parties and drinks receptions.
cabaret – burlesque – festivals – parties – venues


Titus has no shame, providing variety on the dominantly female-led burlesque and cabaret scene with live vocals and always an unexpected surprise to delight audiences of all genders alike.
Titus has performed as a guest vocalist with different bands from crooner and old-time classics to 80s glam, always ensuring his visual antics are always appreciated amongst the many different sizes and breeds of an audience!
cabaret – burlesque – festivals – parties – venues

International glambolic songstress.

Titania Trust and her loyal assistant are the glambolic duo that brought you breathtaking end-of-the-pier shows such as ‘Towering Inferno of Doom’ (Weston-Super-Mare 2008) and ‘Red Hot and Fired Up (Hastings 2010).

They are now making their comeback with their new magic show that does not involve fire. Prepare to gawp, gasp and gander as ‘the magic’ unravels and egos clash.
cabaret – sideshow – walkabout – festivals – parties – venues


There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned sing-a-long sideshow style. Whether by the seaside or by the tea trolley, Titti will always want to bash one out – a good tune that is. Titti will be accompanied by her always-loyal assistant, who is in charge of percussion… or thinks he is.
cabaret – sideshow – walkabout – festivals – parties – venues


Walkabout acts are a great way to make your event or party an event to remember! With mingling, interactive theatre and camera-loving moments, they will be a much talked-about feature!

Great for festivals, parties, promotions… you name it and we’re sure we can fit the bill. Below are some acts who have made previous appearances but get in touch with us for your customised characters!

They take it as a compliment when referred to as ‘the mute Chucklebrothers’, as they shuffle about your event making a nuisance of themselves. They’re often carrying around a large empty picture frame so guests can have a quick photograph moment within it whilst they hold it up. They’ll move furniture, crowds and even people!

Cute, old and fussy – have proven a popular delight whilst giving out samples of iced tea and cake!



What happens when you unleash staff who bring their own canopies and their own conversation to an event of unsuspecting guests?


Forget witnessing the moon landing! These two B-movie style astronauts don’t know where they’ve been and they don’t know where they’re heading but whilst fighting the loss of gravity, they have got some stories to tell and some unidentified samples from their adventures to show.




Get in touch with us and we can customise some characters just for you!



How do I book and how much do things cost?
We understand that each event is different. We respect the fact there are different audiences and different budgets out there! We pride ourselves on providing the best service that is relevant to you. We are not an agency with hundreds of artists on the books whom we just call and send out – there is no one-product-fits-all approach here!

Pricing depends on how many artists you require and the distance as travel costs also have to be factored in. Most of our artists come from East Anglia (Norfolk and Cambridgeshire) and regularly travel up and down the UK for appearances. Please do contact us to discuss your requirements and we will do our best to accomoate your type of event and budget. If we cannot help, we often know someone else who can!

An idea of pricing
Our cabaret and theatre shows (15-20 minutes) usually range from £100.

Our character walkabouts are available from £80 for two artists (we prefer them to work in pairs if your budget allows). 2 x 30 minute sets. Our artists can bring another change of costume to provide variety at your event.

The booking process
When booking an event, a 50% deposit is requested. This can be paid by Paypal, online banking/BACs, cheque or cash. The remainder of the full amount is payable on our artists arrival on the day of your event. We appreciate that organisations work differently (e.g. schools, charities and local authorities) so do contact us should this be a problem. There is always a solution!

You will be issued a contact (by email or hard-copy by post) that you must sign and return and the booking is only confirmed on receipt of the deposit.

Cancellation – each act/artist’s cancellation status will be detailed in the contract you will be issued. We understand that unfortunately things do change last minute- sometimes incidents are out of your hands!

Artist requirements – we only use professional artists and performers, in return we ask that you treat them and us professionally. We understand venues, festivals and outdoor events all have different facilities and at the very least the artists would expect a secure room to change in and a car parking space (if traveling by car).

Are the acts family friendly?
With our experience of organising many different events and venues from large scale concerts to community and family festivals, we will ensure the act is suitable for the occasion. The more we know about your event the better, so you can take advantage of our expert advice and support and be rest assured of suitability.

What do I do if I cancel my event?
We will issue you with a contract for your booking and each contract states a cancellation deadline. This is often 1 week prior to your event. Within a week there may be a cancellation fee or we can negotiate another date with you.

What do I do, should an act cancel on me?
In the unlikely event one of our acts cancels on you, we will offer a full refund (of any deposit paid) or an alternative act in negotiation with yourselves. We have a number of artists on our books and should one not be deemed suitable as a replacement, we will help find an act for you from elsewhere.

How do I book an act?
Check out our dedicated page to booking an act with us. You can always call us for a chat over the phone. In summary, once an act and your event date has been agreed, we will send you a contract for you to sign and then return back to us. You can also confirm bookings by email. We also ask that a deposit is paid (depending on the act this can range from 25-50%). Deposits can be paid in different ways including Paypal.

I’m not sure, can you help me choose an act?
We would always offer any client/potential client our expert advice and suggest a suitable act for your event.

I’m worried an act may be too expensive.
We will advise you on potential costings at your initial enquiry. You could advise us of your budget and we will see how we can fit the bill for you.

Are your performers CRB checked?
All our children’s entertainers/performers who are part of our children’s shows and parties are CRB checked and have worked with children and young people for a number of years for different reputable organisations.

We have themed our event, can you help us with this?
We love themed events! We will always be very happy to customise existing acts or tailor-make an act/characters for your themed event.

I’m looking for something that isn’t listed on your website.
Let us know what you’re after and we’ll see if we can provide you with a suitable act or help you find what you’re after.

Are you on Facebook and Twitter?

We are a small community event and haven’t booked a professional act before.
We have experience of working with large-scale, community and small-scale scale events/organisations/venues. We can offer you a tailor-made, personal, approachable service making your you’re comfortable with your experience with us.

We can accept payment (of fees and deposits) in a number of different ways: cash, cheque, BACs or PayPal.

Can you programme my whole event?
With our experience of programming a variety of different events and venues we are happy to offer this service. This can often save you money as the client, in the kind of ‘bulk buy’ sense.

We are raising money for a charity can you help us?
Headless Entertainment does support a number of charitable events throughout the year. Unfortunately we cannot honour every enquiry but should it be local to a performer or nearby another gig this may be possible.

We like the environment, do you?
At Headless Entertainment we try our best, within our means, to consider the environment from the basics of using recycled paper, not printing when we don’t have to and considering our transport options carefully.

Can I approach an act direct?
Unlike other entertainment agencies they are developed in-house by our creative team and are not just ‘off the shelf’ acts. By using Headless Entertainment you can be assured of a quality and reliable service at a competitive rate.




We’ve worked with a number of different people for private functions, corporate events, festivals, theatre shows and large-scale public events.

Here’s what a few of them had to say about working with us.

“Thank you for being spectacular and making the event a success. We can’t wait to have you back again!”
Helen, Asst Manager of Cinema City/Picture House, Norwich.

“Thank you for your many contributions to this year’s Pink Festival. It seems you met everyone throughout the course of the day and you certainly made an impression. You stole the show!”
Organising team, Pink Festival 2010. (Cabaret and comperes)

“It was great having you – one of our best nights I can remember! You’ve got a growing fanbase and would love to have you back!”
Mr S White, Manager, The King’s Head, Beccles, Suffolk. (Dinner theatre)

“Fabulous hosts and one of the most helpful acts I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.”
Mrs D Williams, RHJ Events

“I can’t wait for next time. We had such a funny time and we’ve never seen anything like that before!”
Karen, audience member at a dinner theatre show.

“We’ve had a ball. Singing, comedy, DJing and dancing all in one evening and amongst costume changes. Both loyal and new punters love you both!”
Manager, venue. (Draglomania)

Audience feedback on The Covert Club and other theatre shows:

‘I attend a lot of cabaret events in London but I have never experienced something like the Covert Club. It was all very well thought through and I enjoyed each act in the show and also I’m sure would have done as standalone acts on the circuit.“

“I was totally blown away by the performance from beginning to end. I was made to laugh at things that shouldn’t have been funny but I just love that dark humour. The acting, dancing and singing was superb but all entwined with stories that were just so clever. Needless to say I’m really excited at the thought of how The Covert Club will entertain me next time! I can’t wait…”
Judith Flowerday, Dare To Fly

“Thank you for bringing joy to us here out in the sticks, where we sometimes feel depraved of new theatre and concepts. Well done and thanks again.”