I am an experienced projects manager and events producer. Recent projects include working with the Royal Shakespeare Company and Norwich Theatre Royal with Shakespeare Nation (2019), Shakespeare In The City (2019) and new programmes with my theatre company, New Stages, such a Pop Up People’s Theatre with new plays at its forefront.

I have managed and developed various arts programmes in both employed and self-employed settings, as a festival director, artistic director, educator or events manager.

I have produced large-scale and small scale events, with comfortable budget to shoestring happenings. I have worked with venues, established festival sites and – my favourite – unconventional spaces to creature unique experiences for all involved.

I enjoy creating events and experiences in unexpected places – including under, in, above and on water; such as when we pumped water out and back into the River Nene, via water jets, water screens and people in water suits! Accompanied with fireworks, lasers, projections, full dance ensemble and boats (with interactive performance along the river bank) it’s one of my favourite memories.

My experience in arts organisations across the UK informs my work as a consultant in the creative sector; from small arts venues to international initiatives. This can involve programme development, business development and strategy to audience and engagement initiatives alongside marketing and profile development. I was also privileged to be chosen to represent the UK by the British Council in 2009, on a Young Leaders of the Creative Industries visit to China where we spent time in Shanghai and X’tian. I’m still in touch with my Chinese contacts, sharing ideas and new ways of working.

I have also developed marketing audience engagement initiatives for different arts and cultural organisations.

Employment history
I’ve undertaken roles as Artistic Director of venues, festivals and touring theatre companies, including Artistic Director and Chief Executive of Arts North Norfolk (2012-2016), Artistic Director of March Town Hall Theatre (2005-06), Director of the Peterborough Festival (2006-08) and Programme Manager of other venues.

I’ve also produced and co-produced a number of productions and full seasons with theatres and music programmes.

I worked for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games (2009-2012) as Regional Inspire Programmer for the East of England. The role included developing legacy through partnerships and collaborations with events and projects across the cultural, social, educational settings of the region.

I’m a founding director of various Theatre Arts Courses, venues, arts organisations and charities. As well as professional directing and writing, I also teach workshops for adults, vulnerable people and young people.

I also work with creativity and wellbeing programmes as the arts and creativity can help build self-esteem, sense of community, sense of place and connection with other people – just what we all need right now.

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