We have all come across Shakespeare at some point – even if just at school or using a commonplace phrase that originated from one of is plays.

I enjoy engaging people in the works of Shakespeare, from the themes and stories of his plays to the language and contexts of his sonnets.

I have experience as a director, actor, project producer and workshop leader. I have various Shakespeare workshops available for schools and organisations.

• Performing Shakespeare: gaining confidence in saying those words out loud.
• Sonnet writing: write your own sonnets based on the Shakespearian form.
• Drag and Mistaken Identity in Shakespeare: quirky characters and plot twists.
• Play based workshops: an exploration of key moments, themes or characters of specific plays.
• The World of Shakespeare: using his plays and stories to unfold the context and background to the times of Shakespeare.
• Teaching Shakespeare: working with school English or Drama departments to explore new approaches to bring the words to life with relevance to today.

Recent projects

The Royal Shakespeare Company: Shakespeare Nation with Norwich Theatre

I led the project for Norwich Theatre which was about exploring ways to engage adults in theatre for the first time. Shakespeare Nation reached out to communities around the county who would not normally think theatre and Shakespeare are for them, creating opportunities for people to experience the thrill of Shakespeare and build a life-long relationship with theatre.

I led seminars and discussion events, along with sonnet writing tutorial classes and one-to-one support. I also directed and coordinated the seasons of events, from new performance, workshops and community engagement.

Year 1 was called A Tale of Many Cities and Year 2 Brave New World. You can read more about the project on the Norwich Theatre website.

Year 2 culminated with films and online activity (the project continued throughout lockdown) and I’m very proud of Doorstep Shakespeare, when, after online tutorials and support, participants from across Norwich performed Shakespeare on their very own doorsteps. You can watch the film here:

Romeo and Juliet

I directed Romeo and Juliet, which was performed open-air in the Cloisters of Norwich Cathedral, with Norwich School. I revised the play to 95 minutes and changed some character’s round to provide a through-line for the concept of the production, which I see in 1920s rural England amongst Romany families.

“I love long life better than figs.”
Antony and Cleopatra