“Beauty and the Beast proved to be a magical hit with adults and children alike. The classic fairy tale was told with some clever and inventive updates and certainly hit the right notes… After two years of non-panto shows at Christmas, writer and producer Joseph Ballard scored a major success with his latest work.”
Eastern Daily Press on Beauty and the Beast

The magical tale of Aladdin and the magic lamp is brought to life in this fast-paced retelling of the tale. There is adventure, a good helping of magic and a dose of romance as Aladdin falls for the Princess.

Beauty and the Beast
This is a fresh take on the fairy tale, including a failing Fairy who must earn her wings back and an evil Queen who does not want to see a happy ending for the Beast. Great role for an older comic actor to play Beauty’s father, but this could also be played as dame and also for a comic to play Fairy Florence who must keep the audience with her all the way!

Dick Whittington
Are the streets really paved with gold? Will King Rat ruin the day after invading and infesting all of London? The Spirit of the Bells comes to the rescue with some poignant reminders for our hero Dick.

Jack and the Beanstalk
Fee fi fo fum! Will Cecilia Spriggins get through to her son Jack, reminding him to stay out of trouble? Jack’s thirst for danger leads us through the story including bedazzlement by Witchipoo Germintrude – all’s well in the end, even for Daisy the cow!

Pinocchio and the Pirates!
This fast-paced retelling has a good mix of traditional pantomime elements with a fresh twist. Poor Mama Gepetto’s new son has been kidnapped along with Princess Jaelle. The silly apprentice, Figaro strives to save the day along with the help of the Fairy and Pedro the monkey.

Sleeping Beauty
The witch’s plot for revenge eventually gets the better of her as we see a whole kingdom put to sleep only to be awoken when Nursie’s plan goes wrong!

Snow White
A fresh take on the fairy tale, with big dollops of comedy, slapstick routines, adventure and some romance. Snow White only learns of her heritage and that she is a a princess two days before her 18th birthday. Can the princess, along with the help of the fugitive lady-in-waiting, her Auntie Gloria, overthrow the wicked Queen?

Of course, what makes a pantomime brilliant is that it is made local and relevant to your audience but I can provide for each script,  a suggested song list and production notes if you would like them.

If producing one of my plays, I am also available for workshops/support throughout your production.

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