“We had a great time rehearsing the play. It was just right for our group of young people with the story, the humour and the many opportunities for them to play to their different strengths.”
Youth Theatre Director on Zombie Babysitter!

“Joseph’s work for young people should be widely applauded. Not only is a piece thought-through for both the age and rehearsal groups in mind, each piece has a meaning and poignant message that is relevant to the young people of today.”
Producer, Young People’s Theatre Company

These shows are great for youth theatres and amateur dramatics groups with a large or small cast as doubling is possible. They are also available for professional companies.
I am available to deliver workshops too on themes and creating ideas for staging.


Title Cast and
Plot and other notes
A Small Town For Murder Minimum 8
Various combinations
For adult players
120 mins (2 acts)
A staged radio play… that goes wrong!
The Elephant Man Minimum 7
Plus optional ensemble
A fast-paced retelling of John Merrick, reminding us that everyone is different and everyone needs someone they can rely on.
Hansel and Gretel 60 mins The classic fairytale- great for young audiences.
Hansel and Gretel (version 2) 60 mins A modern retelling.
Help! There’s An Alien In My Shed! 17
50 mins
It’s the school holidays… but not as you know it! A team of youngster must help the alien, who landed in their garden, get back home – before the rest of their planet comes to invade the planet!
The House 50 mins Different people moved into number 13 over four decades but they are not alone in the house…
Jack The Ripper: a radio play 5M 7F
optional more roles
120 mins (2 acts)
For adult players
The Jungle Book 8 minimum
90 mins
King Arthur and the Holy Grail 5M 3F
plus ensemble
120 mins
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 9 minimum
120 mins
This play has been licensed by the C. S. Lewis Estate.
The Little Match Girl 5M 7F
80 mins
Little Red and Curse of the Werewolf 50 mins An updated version of the story, when a werewolf is rumoured to be terrorising the village, Red must go and check on her granny. Great for a large cast and includes some colourful cameos and a rap song for granny!
The Pied Piper 50 mins An updated version of the famous story – with catchy tunes! Great for a last cast of ensemble as the townsfolk, the children and the rats!
Pinocchio 70 mins A gritty retelling of the classic tale.
Revenge of the Witch (a retelling of Sleeping Beauty) 9 minimum
80 mins
The Time Machine Adventure! 15 minimum
60 mins
After being whizzed back in time, the crew encounter an 11 year old Will Shakespeare who joins them on their adventure. They meet different people along the way, including Anthony and Cleopatra, Macbeth and some infamous Kings!
Zombie Babysitter! 50 mins The adults are all acting very strange and it is up to a group of youngster to save the day – all in the summer school holidays! This is a great story for a large cast with cameo roles and a great message about trusting and empowering young people.


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