Other plays:

King Arthur and the Holy Grail
(5M 2F) (5 cast minimum plus children) 100mins

5M 8F (6 cast minimum) 70mins

Hansel & Gretel
5M 6F (6 cast minimum) 90mins

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
This play has been licensed by the C.S. Lewis Estate.
(9 cast minimum) 120mins

The Little Match Girl
5M 7F (7 cast minimum) 80mins

The Jungle Book
5M 5F (8 cast minimum) 85mins

Revenge of the Witch (a retelling of Sleeping Beauty)
5M 7F (9 cast minimum) 80mins

The Spectacle of Merrick (or The Elephant Man)
4M 7F (8 cast minimum) 45mins

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