It’s two weeks today since the performance of The Covert Club and I’m still receiving great feedback. I did ask a few people for their response to the production but lots has come in voluntarily.
It was a new show, mixing cabaret with a full theatrical experience. I wanted to consider a new project that was cabaret but not in the vintage capacity – like so many themed events are now trawling along such as vintage variety and burlesque. We also live in an age where nearly everyone (in our society) can feel like they can express themselves (via blogs like this) or other social networking sites. We also live in an age where everyone is questioning the Government and those in power.
It began with the vision of a smoke-clouded room full of shadowed faces waiting in anticipation for some prohibited entertainment.. and that’s what people got.

“I never had imagined something like that taking place in Norwich. Or should I say beginning in Norwich? Everyone definitely wants more!”

“I attend a lot of cabaret events in London but I have never experienced something like the Covert Club. It was all very well thought through and I enjoyed each act in the show and also I’m sure would have done as standalone acts on the circuit.”

“I cannot wait for the next one! Thank you for bringing joy to us here in Norwich where we sometimes feel depraved of new theatre and concepts. Well done and thanks again.”

“I found myself feeling as if I was about to enter a world full of salubrious and disturbing characters; from the past, the present, from the ether…unaware of who to trust. We were coaxed to engage in an almost pantomime-style of arousal, with imaginations sparking on every tight bend. My journey culminated in the wondrously safe knowledge that we’re all going to die – smiling!”

And are we doing it again? Of course we are. Friday 21st October at Norwich Arts Centre. We’re also talking to programmers of festivals and other venues – this project has legs and arms and eyes and ears, let’s use them all.
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